Monday, May 20, 2013

Shelley, girl's good with words!

People look at me as a vegan and conclude that since I stepped on a snail or because the vegetables I eat resulted in a tractor death for a squirrel somewhere in Paraguay that somehow vegans are hypocrites, which of course they’re not since perfection is an unattainable goal and is something to be driven towards, never actually achieved.

The difference between you and the vegan standing next to you is that while you’re both going to step on a bug tomorrow, they’ve decided to dedicate their lives to do as little harm as possible, completely independent from what you do. So in no way does the protozoan life form they step on negate your responsibility for the lamb you’re paying a stranger to cut tomorrow. And falling 1% short of an unattainable goal is really good when you’re standing next to someone who won’t even try.

~ Shelley Williams

I think we have all gone through something like this?? even if it isnt about veganism, any time you try to do something out of the ordinary that is good, you can get slammed. 

how is everyones summer??..( i just wrote that but remembered that its still cold in lots of places) (ill just kick myself for you )

Sunday, February 3, 2013

how i DIDNT get sick eating hacked on brownies

I havent blogged in awhile, but i could not keep this to myself. I know lots of you stick to natural medicine, have kids that NEED you to be well not to mention jobs that expect you to show up:). So i just wanted to let you know how WELL this stuff really works, i had no idea!

I recently went to a party (my veggie friends bday), i brought cupcakes and slutty brownies. If you havent heard of them it is a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, a layer of oreos and then a layer of brownie batter. Im a fan of ridiculousness so i added another layer of pb frosting swirls(a swirl on each serving) and a small rectangle cookie bar popping out of each frosting swirl(sorry no pics!).

So i get to the party, im not trying to trick people into eating vegan food so i let a few people that were interested know that they were vegan. Nobody batted an eye, i think brownies will overcome any bias. So anyway, i went and sat down with the older ladies, they usually let me talk and talk, that generation is too nice to tell people to shut up. Not long after i sat down a boy went over and bent really REALLY low over the brownies, ok, he likes to smell i go over and tell the kid what they were, and that they were vegan, can i get him a slice? He says no, i go sit down (in no way defeated of COURSE) (yea right). 

HACKY HACK ALL over them.

dude,....i look over, his face is down like he is smelling them again...he coughed all over them...THAT CLOSE

i have OCD, as ive mentioned before, AND i am overly sensitive to chocolate,.....and now they were tainted with hacking cough germs, and i still ate ashamed and i felt like how a dog LOOKS when its doing something naughty:) my OCD is horrified that i did that.

two days later

felt a little funny

a few hours later started to feel reeeal funny


Remembered all the reading i had done on colloidal silver. Remembered how it made stompers lymph nodes swell(proof that it is getting stuff out, so fast that his lymph system couldnt handle it all so fast). so i took half a dose of 220 ppm(parts per million) colloidal silver. forgot about it. next day i was fine.

thats not the only time its helped me. every year for the past five years i get a 24 hour flu thing. throwing up my brains for an entire night and not getting out of bed for two days (48 hour flue?). one night, in December  i started to feel it. The first few times that i got it, i thought it was food poisoning  This is the first time i knew what was coming, and was absolutely dreading it. i had taken CS before when i ate something that was passed its prime, and felt better within moments. This time it wasnt quite as fast. I also took about 9 drops of grapefruit seed extract with the dose of CS, just to give myself every chance i could. for about twenty minutes i was in bed thinking it wasnt working. CS has abandoned me, it was a giant pity party. after 30 min i was asleep.

i urge you to get this stuff. 

i quit capitalizing the first letter of every sentence

whos the snottiest little angel ever???